Colbren Firewood Sales

Quaking Aspen

Welcome to Colbren Firewood Sales. We are a company that specializes in selling premium seasoned quaking aspen to the Southern Utah area. All of our wood is cut, split, and stacked (or bundled) for sale. The wood is cut uniformly (right around 16 inches in length) as much as possible. However, the logs come in all shapes and sizes. Larger logs are split down to what is generally considered the standard for the sale of split logs. Once split, the wood is stacked on our property in order to allow us to fill our orders.

Mostly Quaking Aspen and a little Pine

Roughly 95% of the wood we sell is Quaking Aspen which we sell in large or small quantities. Quaking Aspen is considered a hard wood but is typically much lighter than most other hardwoods. It is generally easy to start, and will burn very hot. Many people prefer Quaking Aspen because it is a light wood, it does not take long to start burning, and can warm up a home quickly. Other harder woods are generally heavier, more difficult to start and take longer to get hot. In addition to Quaking Aspen we have a small quantity of Ponderosa Pine to sell, which is sold only by the bundle.

See our information page regarding interesting facts about Quaking Aspen

Pickup or Delivery Options Available

Our firewood may be picked up from our location in Leeds Utah, or may be delivered upon request. However, we suggest that if you request delivery to come by and view the wood you are purchasing to ensure it meets your expectations. We will deliver to Hurricane, Washington, and St. George. Our delivery & stacking charge for these areas is $30 for a cord of wood. Please view our order page for further details.